More About the Conference:

Confirmed Key Note Speakers:
Prof Bracha L. Ettinger, Marcel Duchamp Chair & Professor of
Psychoanalysis and Art at the European Graduate School
Professor Mary Kelly Distinguished Professor and Head of the
Interdisciplinary Studio Area in the Department of Art at UCLA
Professor Faith Wilding Professor Emerita of Performance at SAIC;
and a Visiting Scholar at the Pembroke Center for Feminist Research at
Brown University, Providence, RI

Motherhood and creative practices: Maternal structures in creative work is an
international and interdisciplinary conference that addresses ongoing debates about
hospitality, solidarity and encounter as concepts in creative practice, and how they
relate to contemporary issues of mothering. Mothering involves commitment to
creative balance and combining everyday chores. We are interested how practitioners
combine art and mothering, activism and mothering, academia and mothering, science
and mothering, mothering and allomothering. The conference will look at practices
where the creative exploration, writing and theory about the mother cannot be
separated from one another. Ettinger reveals the intricate connections between critical
theory on maternal and creative practice. According to Vigneault, the porous spaces
of work that engages with the maternal as concept presents passageways which allow
the viewer and reader to move through and between the various levels of text and
image, theory and art, in a constant shift between modes of production (2009:69).
There is a gradual, yet sustained increase in creative practices which, starting from the
challenges posed by the above concepts, explore the maternal in various encounterevent
formations. The conference will also look into diametrically opposed
female experiences and sexual lifestyles and explore the encounters of infertility,
medical intervention, adoption and fostering, queer mothering and childlessness by
choice or not. We invite scholars and artists to also explore the creative embodiment
of intergenerational trauma and the complex territory of mother-daughter
relationships, and bring into dialogue social, scientific and artistic perspectives.

The conference will also encompass the exhibition Alternative Maternals curated
by Laura González, a curated performance section led by Faith Wildings’
performative reading of her memoirs, and a post-graduate discussion room. The postgraduate
room will be enriched with performative texts, films, visual and audio

This conference aims to reflect on theoretical, methodological and artistic work that
may throw light on mOthering as/and creative practice.

This conference is supported by the Center for Media and Culture Research and the
School of Arts and Creative Industries at London South Bank University.
Conference organized by Dr Elena Marchevska, London South Bank University and
Prof Valerie Walkerdine, Cardiff University